Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ubuntu's symlink restriction

I had a look at a CVE-2011-3618(you can view the launchpad discussion here) recently that was posted in the debian mailing lists. It was related to a symlink vulnerability in the atop package. You can view the proposed patch here.

The attack vector would be the ability to overwrite files by guessing the value of tmpname2. The patch would be to use mkstemp.

I just had a look at Ubuntu's security features(check out the one on symlink restrictions) and it seems that symlinks are not followed in world-writable directories, if the process and the directory owners are not the same as the symlink owner.

If you are curious about how this is implemented, its in the form for an LSM - the commit diff of which you can view here. Its implemented in the yama_inode_follow_link function.

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