List of CTFs

[EDIT] Its been a while since I've taken part in CTFs(unfortunately) and I have not updated the list below in a while now. You might want to checkout

There are loads of CTFs which are held around the world, however I couldn't find a place where they were all listed out. This is an attempt at the same. I just typed out the CTF's as and when they came into my mind; they are not listed in any particular order.

I have definitely missed out a lot of them, please take a while to list them out in the comments section and I'll add them to the list here. If there is another such list, please feel free to mention that too.

  1. Cipher
  2. UCSB iCTF
  3. Defcon CTF
  4. RuCTFE
  5. HAR CTF
  6. NYU-CTF
  7. Paradox CTF
  8. InCTF
  9. Ghost in the shellcode
  10. Padocon 2011
  11. Paradox CTF 2011
  12. 25c3 CTF
  13. Nova CTF
  14. RootedCON CTF
  15. CSAW CTF
  16. Plaid CTF
  17. Phdays CTF
  18. NUIT DU hack
  19. hitbamsCTF
  20. dCTF
  21. CTF
  22. rwth CTF
  23. secuinside CTF
  24. Enowars
  25. Mozilla CTF
  26. IFSF CTF
  27. Nullcon CTF